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If you are planning for a trip to someplace culturally rich with ancient histories everywhere but also a place that captivates your eyes with beauty, choose GREECE! Yes, you heard it right! As we all know, Greece is known for its ancient history and its alluring, mind-blowing sceneries.

Get it all in one plan!

What’s not there in Greece - beaches, historical places, warm and vibrant cities, or delicious and mouth-watering cuisines? Choose Greece in your next travel plan and get to live the best of your lives as Greeks there!

First things first, let us see what needs to be done when you plan for a trip to Greece!

Travel Requirements:

  • Passport and Visa: Your passport and visa should be valid six months after your departure date.
  • COVID-19: Check if there are any COVID-19-related documents or requirements like vaccination and testing details.
  • Insurance: Ensure you have your travel insurance cover in case of any medical emergencies or travel cancellations.
  • Currencies: Even though credit cards are accepted, make sure to have some cash in Euros

When is the right time?

Reasons for visiting Greece can vary from person to person. Some prefer the trip for the weather, some prefer it for the ideal sightseeing time, and some prefer when the crowd is less.

  • Summer: If you are planning a trip in the summer, choose slots between June to August. The weather is warm, and the tourist spots will be crowded. Witness the beautiful bursts of sunshine on the shores of the beaches and hop islands. On the other hand, the places might be crowded, especially in Santorini and Mykonos. The higher the crowd, the higher the price as well. If you are in Greece during summer, do not miss the cultural festivals and events there!
  • Winter: Some people like to travel in winter. If you are one such traveler, visit Greece from November to March. You could visit the ancient historical places with a smaller crowd and explore many of them. If you are a cold weather lover, Northern Greece is the right place for you. Note that the prices are comparatively lower since the crowds are less. Do not miss the festivals in winter as well.
  • Spring: April- May is the best time to see the Spring perspective of Greece's beauty! Get to see the jaw-dropping landscapes!
  • Fall: A perfect season for sightseeing in this beautiful city is during the fall. Visit Greece during September - October to enjoy the fall season. If Athens is on your list, choose the fall season for a pleasant experience.

Travelling through Greece:

  • Ferries: If you are planning for island hopping, ferries are the right choice! Travel between the ports and the islands can be made simpler.
  • Domestic flights: For longer-distance travel, you can also choose domestic flights
  • Bus: If you are looking for affordable travel, you could spot so many buses on the streets. To travel between the cities and to travel within, buses are the perfect option.
  • Taxi and car rentals: There are car rentals and taxis available for your convenience purposes. Note if there is a meter on the taxi before you choose one. Also, you might need an international driving permit if you are choosing car rentals.

Main attractions:

Greece is a large country, and there are a lot of things to do and a lot of places to visit. But there are certain places that one must not miss while travelling to Greece.

  • Crete
  • Santorini
  • Athens
  • Mykonos
  • Thessaloniki

Plan an affordable trip:

Of course, Greece is affordable. If you are going to spend most of your time in Mykonos and Santorini, it might feel expensive, but not until you prefer some local things. But, if you are planning to cut down on your Greece trip, there are a few tips that might be useful for you.

  • Food and wine: Few foods are delicious and cheap at the same time. For example, the gyros and a few other street snacks. And for wine, try purchasing them in local stores for a lesser price but still for the amazing taste.
  • Overnight ferries are the better choices: Islands are obviously major plans in a Greece trip. For inter-island travel, your budget may kind of rise up. But, if you choose the overnight ferries for your travel, you spend just half of it. Also, make sure to book your ferries two months prior if you are planning it for quite some time. You might get additional offers as well.
  • When to visit? Visiting off-season is one of the recommended options if you are planning on an affordable trip to Greece. July and August are the most populated seasons in Greece, so they get expensive around these months. If you are on a planned budget, skip these months while travelling to Greece and save some bucks!
  • Transportation: Public transportation is recommended. Buses are a convenient and affordable option to get around Greece. Have taxis as backup options if you keep on spending less on transportation.
  • Museum visits: Do you know that there are days when museums allow travellers with free admission? Yes, you heard it right! Try visiting these museums on free-admission days to cut out your costs.
  • Local stays: If local stays are not an issue for you, I prefer it. It not only helps you reduce the costs of staying at costly prices but also creates an opportunity for you to get to know the locals and understand their culture. It’s a win-win!

Pack your bags

The most important question is, what should you pack? Considering the climate and the activities you are going to place, pack accordingly.


  • Breathable clothing like tops and T-shirts
  • Lightweight pants and skirts for daily wear
  • Fully covered dress for religious place visits
  • Sundress for cosy weather
  • Swimwear for islands and beaches
  • Sandals for beach visits and shoes for hiking
  • Sweaters and hoodies for colder weather
  • Sunglasses for Sunny days
  • Towels

Travel mandatories:

  • Camera
  • Chargers and adapters
  • Water bottles
  • Backpacks


  • Sunscreen to protect from suntans
  • First aid kits with basic needs
  • Medicines, if any
  • Napkins

Important Documents:

  • Passport and Visa
  • Travel Insurance
  • COVID-19 documents, if needed

Never misses:

Greece has so many activities and amazing places not to miss. If you are ever planning for a long vacation to Greece, check these places out:

  • Museums: If you are a history-loving person, do not miss the museum tours in Greece. Visit the National Archeological Museum in Athens, and don’t forget to click pictures!
  • Islands: There are so many islands in Greece, like Mykonos and Santorini. Have you ever heard of the magic these places have? Yes! These islands are a treat to your eyes even when you revisit these places for the 100th time.
  • Beach lovers? Who doesn't love beaches? Everyone does, right? If a beach vacation is your thing, you are in the right place. Visit the Red beach (Santorini) and Navagio beach (Zakynthos). The list does not end here. Check out all the amazing beaches Greece has, and try visiting them all if you have enough time.
  • Culinary activities are on your way! If you are a foodie, Greece has so many things to offer to you. Taste the mouth-watering Greek cuisine. There are so many food sampling places for the locals and food tours as well. Give the Greek salads a try! Food doesn't just stop here. Have you ever wondered what a cooking class in another country looks like? Give the Greece cooking classes a try and enjoy it!
  • Cultural aspects: Cultural experience is one of the reasons why people fly to Greece for vacation. Getting to learn different cultural perspectives feels so good! Do not miss out on their traditional festivals and performances, such as the Greek traditional dance called Sirtaki. It is such an eye-captivating performance! Do not worry. Irrespective of the seasons and months, Greece always has these traditional performances for visitors.
  • Vineyard time it is! Just when you think Greece has so many activities, the vineyard tasting will make your trip more interesting. Santorini and Crete have so many vineyards for travellers to take a tour of and taste the wines.

Why is AirportAssist a better option?

Greece has no limits to traveller’s interests. For foodies, natural enthusiasts, food lovers, and history lovers - Greece has the whole plan for all of you! What are you still waiting for? Book your flight tickets to Greece and plan your itineraries with us! Let us help you plan the most amazing trip to Greece that you are going to cherish for your lifetime!

By choosing to travel to Greece, there have to be tremendous things running in your mind about the departure, arrival, and flights - not to worry, as AirportAssist has got your back. is the world's largest airport assistance network and the official airport assistance network.

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