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8 airports which are getting ready to assist you again

2020 might not have been exciting for travelers but the year is far from over yet. Holiday destinations across the world are getting ready to welcome visitors & their airports are leaving no stone unturned to assist tourists into a safe & healthy environment.

So if you are missing a happy holiday, here are 15 airports getting ready to welcome you this summer.

  1. Lynden Pindling International Airport

Missing the pristine white sand beaches and turquoise waters of Bahamas? The Lyden Pindling International Airport is ready to welcome you. They started welcoming private jets from 15th June & are opening up to commercial flights from 1st July. The Airport is also working closely with local health officials and airport partners to ensure the safety and security of the passengers.


  1. San Juan Airport

World class restaurants. great night life & beautiful beaches come together at Puerto Rico. More than 20 different commercial airlines fly in and out of San Juan every day with safety being the primary concern of the airport. Check with our flight operator if they are one of them & hop on to the next flight for that well deserved vacation.


  1. F. Wade international Airport

Famous for its pink sand beaches, Bermuda is now welcoming tourists. While you get ready to go whale watching, explore its history & get a suntan at Jobson’s Cove, the L.F. Wade Airport is ready with all the safety precautions to ensure your holiday goes smoothly without any events. In case you are looking for a quick exit from the airport, expedite your airport procedures with our Meet & Greet services.


  1. Munich Airport

Looking for a European Holiday? Then Munich is the place to be. Located at the river Isar in the south of Bavaria, it is famous for its beautiful architecture, fine culture and the annual Oktoberfest beer celebration. Though travel is currently restricted, you can check with your flight operator if they fly out to the Munich airport. Safety precautions at the Munich Airport are second to none with on-site testing available ensuring the tourists entering the city are healthy & safe. You can also avail Airport Assistance services here in case you need help navigating through the airport & transfer to your hotel in complete privacy.


  1. Athens International Airport

When it comes to a European holiday, how can Greece be left behind. A country loaded with such rich ancient and modern history, adorned with countless pristine beaches and blessed with the Mediterranean climate and diet couldn’t but attract myriads of enchanted travelers all year long. Greece has already restored its flight services for domestic passengers. From July 1, Athens International Airport will allow all international flights - except from the UK and Sweden (who will be granted entry on July 15). The Athens international Airport will conduct random test for passengers arriving from affected areas & gives primary focus on passenger health & hygiene. So ensure you carry sanitizers & face masks to abide by the rules of the airport.


  1. Istanbul Airport

If you wish to step back in time where rich culture & magnificent opulence used to take centre stage then Istanbul is the place to be this holiday. The city has a timeless charm with its architectural wonders giving a window to its eternal & glorious past.

Istanbul Airport has also started welcoming international passengers with globally approved checks & sanitizations in place. So you can be rest assured of safe airport & city experience


  1. Seychelles International Airport

Did you know apart from serene beaches, distillery tours and being a preferred scuba diving destination, Seychelles is also known for the rare black parrot? Discover this paradise this holiday while we take care of your airport procedures. Our staff takes you through the mandatory global health guidelines & airport procedures smoothly so that you can get on with your holiday at the earliest.  


  1. Male airport

Get away from the city & dive into water sports such as swimming, fishing, scuba diving, snorkeling, water-skiing. windsurfing and kite boarding in Maldives. This beautiful tropical destination is now open for international travelers. The Male Airport reminds you at every step the precautions that need to be taken for a comfortable & safe stay apart from a thorough passenger check to ensure the safety of the citizens & co-passengers.


So are you ready to set off on your next travel adventure? Feel free to visit us whenever you require any assistance at the Airport. We are 24/7 in service for you. Happy Travelling.



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