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Travel Assistance & Other Services At Los Angeles Airport

The Los Angeles airport is one of the busiest in the US. It is a popular tourist destination, deep connection to South American and Asian countries, and point of touchdown to the Coachella Valley. The airport offers a host of facilities for arrival, departure, and layover that is commonly unknown. Here’s what you need to know if you are visiting the Los Angeles airport. These facilities will iron out the hassles faced at the airport.

A great way to get around the airport is to download the app. It will pin point your terminal and also restaurants, ground transportation, live arrival and departure boards, and parking. However, passengers need clarification to airport FAQs.

Exercise & Shower Facility:

The airport does not offer these services, but there are local gyms and hotels near the airport. Check out for discounts—some airport hotels offer discounts to use the gym.

Parking At The Airport:

LAX airport no longer has free parking for general and disabled customers, but you can book a parking space here. However, the LAX airport has extensive parking options in the Central Terminal Area. It offers covered parking in structures spread to the airline terminals.

How To Page Someone:

If you are waiting for someone arriving at LAX and need to page them, contact the airline and request a page.

Travel Assistance:

Airports are intimidating, worse so for a first-time flier. If you are lost or need direction at the Los Angeles airport, then contact volunteers or Volunteer Information Professionals (VIPs). The information booths are situated at each terminals on the lower or arrival areas. The VIPs wear a noticeable bright, red jacket. They are your guide to airport facilities, terminals, transportation, accommodation and other airport requirements.

What To Do At LAX During A Layover:

Beaches: If you have a valid visa, make a trip to one of the several beaches near the airport. However, keep in mind, the heavy traffic in the city.

Theme Building & Observation Deck: The Terminal Building designed to look like a landing spaceship. It includes an observation deck and Encounters—a restaurant. Check out the restaurant, which resonates the theme of space age and completed by Walt Disney Imagineering.

Flight Path Museum: The museum houses artefacts and models detailing the Southern California aviation history. The entry is free and open from Tuesday to Saturday.

What’s Duration To Get From Terminal To Terminal:

It depends on which terminals you are at, and the time of day. The LAX app can throw some light on it. You can estimate the distance of the terminals. Another helpful resource is the free shuttle bus service between terminals.

MUrgency Airport Assistance is your one-stop company that provides all these services and more at Los Angeles airport. We will arrange for gym facility, hotel accommodation, parking reservation, layover or transit amenities, and meet and greet. We also offer VIP services, lounge access, booking and up grading flight tickets, personal escort, fast track, and check-in assistance.

LAX is a busy airport, so sort out your requirements and needs with airport assistance before heading there. Have a smooth passage without any hassles at the airport.

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Published on: 20/Oct/2019
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